I love what I do and I've been doing it for a minute.  Currently, I am the Sr. Creative Lead - Video Director for the Bloomberg Media Group, which produces custom content for our media partners (advertisers).


I won’t feed you any stories about making movies with my dad’s video camera or my deep connection to music (insert DJ, rock band, or musical theater experience here) and how it inspires my work. No clichés will be dropped about my “passion for storytelling” or my “unique & quirky” style or how it’s really about “collaborating” with "my creative partners."

My career started humbly, taking lunch orders at boutique video editorial, Consulate.  As an editor, I've had full-time gigs at Rock. Paper. Scissors, Hooligan & Radical Media. I've also worked with just about every major advertising agency in NYC.

Besides advertising, I've worked in almost every genre, from no-budget hip-hop videos to videos for Mariah Carey & Alicia Keys, TV promos (HBO, AMC) to Reality TV (MTV), film trailers to feature films.


I've produced/directed digital & TV commercials, corporate videos, TV shows and documentaries.  I've collaborated with public arts organization Creative Time on major installations in NYC landmarks like the Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage.


I was a co-founder of Brazil's first film production school in São Paulo, where I lived for 4 years. I also started my own company, connecting Brazilian animators & designers with creative studios in the US. 


I will say this; I'm a nice guy. Making my clients happy is very important to me.  I have a strong opinion but I love to be challenged by different perspectives.  My best work often comes from finding solutions in the fracas (or from happy accidents).  Anyway, if you want to know more, get in touch.






Tel: 646.460.1465